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I've got your back. 

Planning a wedding during a pandemic can be tricky, and I've found that transparency, empathy and clear communication at my end work wonders to keep your stress levels low.

I'm here every step of the way to answer questions as best I can, provide support, and share a lockdown virtual wine.

Check out my covid policy below for details on how it can all work.



Where I'm at.

I will be fully vaccinated on the 8 October 2021. According to the Department of Health, that will mean I’ll be fully immunised 7-14 days later once the second dose has taken full effect.

Keeping us all safe is super important to me.


Money talk.

The 25% you pay to secure your booking is non-refundable. It covers the following: holding your date in my diary (and therefore, turning other couples away), completion of your Notice of Intended Marriage, access to my resource kit, and administration support.

The remaining 75% of your fee will be split into two equal payments. The first of these payments will be due six weeks before your wedding date and covers meetings, writing of your ceremony and other communication, administration, and business costs. The final payment will be due one month before your wedding and covers the ceremony day, presentation, travel, PA and equipment hire.


Juggling restrictions.

If you decide to postpone your wedding because guests cannot come from interstate or overseas, your guest list exceeds the numbers allowed for a legal wedding at the time, or you decide to postpone for other reasons, I reserve the right to charge a change of date fee. This will be 25% of my full fee.


Yes, I follow the rules.

I will work within government recommendations and restrictions regarding meeting locations, guest numbers, mask wearing, social distancing and vaccination status.


If lockdown looms.

If your wedding cannot go ahead due to a government mandated lockdown or restrictions as a result of Covid-19, I will do my best to work with you to change the date at no additional cost to you (provided am free on your new date). Your booking investment will then be transferred to your new date.

In the instance we cannot find a mutual date, I will do my best to help you find a new celebrant. I reserve the right to retain the booking investment to reflect the time, effort and work already completed. Any paperwork finalised to that point can be transferred to the new celebrant.


I've got you.

Planning a celebration during a pandemic can be intensely emotional and challenging. Please reach out to me for support, advice, a vent, or a cry. I've been through many scenarios with many couples, I would love to help you through this and find the best possible outcome to get you married and full of blissed out just-wed vibes!

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