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Why micro weddings have taken off!

If you’re not ready for a full scale wedding, but want an intimate celebration with family and friends, a micro wedding might be the answer.


This term first caught my attention in a New Yorker article last year discussing the rising trend in the US for smaller, intimate wedding celebrations. And it seems savvy couples all over Australia are discovering the many benefits of a Micro Wedding. This summer, I’ve conducted a number of my Low Key Love ceremonies, and have been blown away by how unique, beautiful, and incredibly poignant they are.

What is a micro wedding?

In this instance, micro refers to physical size, not emotional impact. A micro wedding is one where everything is minimised – except the emotion. The couple may invite only a small number of guests, no more than 25-30, and even as low as 4-8. With lesser numbers, you are free to concentrate on the details, crafting a truly bespoke celebration to reflect you and your partner. I recently married a couple on the beach, with 24 of their best friends. We gathered together in the morning sunshine. A tiny vintage table, an esky, some beautiful glassware and all the ingredients for Negroni’s were all they brought with them. We gathered in close, spent five minutes on a heartfelt and minimal ceremony, and they exchanged the vows they had written for each other. With tears in their eyes and loads of laughter, the guests toasted our newlyweds in the sunshine before heading off to their favourite restaurant for a long lunch.

Why should you consider a micro wedding?

Every couple is different, and will have different considerations. I know from the conversations I’ve had with my Low Key Love couples that everyone arrives at the decision differently. But if you’re thinking about a scaled-back event, here’s what you should consider.


The thing about a micro wedding is that instantly, you have so much flexibility. Always dreamed of being married in a clearing in the Rainforest? On the top of a mountain? In your favourite whiskey bar? With 10 people, this is absolutely feasible. The logistics of transport, accommodation, even physical space are so much easier with less people. And making your vows to your partner in life, surrounded only by those you love the most, in an incredible location, is an experience no one will ever forget.


Let’s be honest, less guests equals less money to spend. Without having to factor in a cost per head x 100, your budget instantly looks less scary, and a whole lot of options suddenly open up. Want to treat your guests to a 7-course degustation by your favourite chef? Lash out on some incredible, bespoke cocktails? Or even create a table styled to Pinterest perfection? With only a handful of guests, you instantly free up money and time to spend on the details that are most important to you.


As I stood in the middle of a redwood forest in the Victorian Otways, watching as a radiantly stunning bride made her smiling way through the trees towards us on the arm of her Mum & Dad, I looked around the tiny clearing. Twelve people stood by the Groom and I, all family, all relaxed and excited. Their eyes were filled with tears and smiles, and the joyful anticipation in the air was incredible. This feeling only intensified as we stepped through their gorgeous ceremony, without the interference of a mic, just my words and their confidently spoken vows. The lack of stress in the planning for the day, the knowledge that nothing could go wrong to spoil the beauty of the moment, and the intimacy of the occasion made for the perfect celebration.

If minimising stress and cost and maximising the fun and celebration is what you are all about, a Micro Wedding could be the perfect solution. And if you’re worried about those guests who might not make the super condensed list, why not engage an amazing videographer, and throw a big party further down the track to show the highlights film! Whatever you decide, stay true to yourself and what is important to you, and your wedding will be one to remember for all the right reasons.

*This article was first published on Ivory Tribe in March 2018

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