The Rehearsal

Do you organise a rehearsal?
As part of my fee, I will arrange a rehearsal either at your wedding venue, or at a suitable location.

Why would we have a rehearsal? What happens at the rehearsal?
Whilst a rehearsal is not a necessity, I would recommend holding one wherever possible, especially if the ceremony involves a large bridal party, rituals or a number of readings.

During the rehearsal, we’ll run through the movement parts of the ceremony; we’ll practice the bride’s entrance and walk down the aisle, make sure the bridal party know where they are standing, make sure anyone doing a reading knows where they need to stand, and practice any rituals you may have in your ceremony. I won’t read out the ceremony as it’s best to save this for the big day.

A rehearsal is a great idea as it means all the details of the ceremony have been practiced and everyone knows what to do– and then are free to relax and enjoy the wedding day!

Who needs to be at the rehearsal?
The Bride and Groom of course! If possible, all members of the bridal party and anyone doing a reading, as well as the person or people walking the bride down the aisle.

How long will a rehearsal take?
For a simple ceremony, 20 minutes to half an hour. For a more complex ceremony, 1 hour.