Low Key Love

Looking for a super short & sweet ceremony with all of the feels but none of the frills? Perhaps a registry style ceremony, an elopement, or maybe you’re holding an overseas ceremony and want to lock in the legals before you go.

My Low Key Love ceremony involves the following:

  1. We meet at least a month prior to the ceremony to complete the Notice of Intended Marriage. If you’re overseas or interstate, I can help you do this without having to meet in person.
  1. On the day, I say the few short sentences that make up the legal component of a wedding ceremony, and you may your legal vows to each other. If you want to include some personal words you are welcome to do so, or you can write a few sentences for me to read for you. Together with your two witnesses, we sign the paperwork and you live happily ever after!
  1. After the ceremony, I submit your legal documents, and let you know how and when you can apply for your legal marriage certificate.

Email or call me for more information if this sounds like your style!